Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elsinore Alley Clean Up - Thank You! - Gate Removal Next!

The Coronado Elsinore Neighborhood Watch would like to thank everyone who made the clean up of the Elsinore alley possible. The alley was cleaned on the morning of January 31, 2013  by City Sanitation who did an amazing job as you can see from the photos below.

Very special thanks to our Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki and City Council Rep Ryan Carpio in Eric Garcetti's Office for their tireless diligence in seeing this through. Also a well deserved thank you to everyone in The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and the Silver Neighborhood Improvement Association who contributed their time and effort to this issue. We'd also like to thank The Eastsider LA for giving the issue a larger public forum on our behalf.

It takes a lot of people to get things done and we truly appreciate the efforts of everyone who contributed!

As fantastic as this is, it is only a temporary solution to a much larger problem. We still need the gates removed for the long term health and safety of the neighborhood.

The gates have created a "dead zone" at the end of the alley and the criminal element will return and we will continue to have these issues with the drug dealing, prostitution, smash and grab car break ins, assaults, burglary and other crime until the gates can be removed for good.

Again, THANK YOU to everyone for their efforts in this great first step of cleaning up the alley!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Elsinore Alley Gates Problem Illustrated

Here's an ariel photo of the alley and neighborhood that illustrates the specific problem with the gates.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alley Fire in Drug Addict Encampment

Today, January 17, 2013, at 12:15 p.m., a fire broke out in the drug-addict encampment located in the Elsinore alley. CENW has been watching the problems in this alley. We are making efforts to have ongoing public health and safety issues in the alley encampment addressed and resolved by L.A. City Council and LAPD. 

The following photos of the incident have been provided to CENW by several residents and witnesses:
Fire in drug-addict's alley encampment spread and engulfed tree at local residence.
Drug-addict's alley encampment morning before fire.

Alley encampment while fire is being put out. 
Alley encampment while fire is being put out. 
Alley encampment after fire was put out.

Today's Crime Alert - Burglaries Last Night & Sex Offender

Recently, there have been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood.  Last night (January 16th, 2013), several of the the garages in the alleyway between Elsinore and Reservoir were robbed.  The locks were cut and many items were stolen. CENW was alerted this morning that several items were stolen from garages.
Stolen items belonging to victims were found in a drug-addict encampment in the alleyway behind the recycling center.  Police officers showed up and questioned people there, (including one man with several tattoos on his face who other neighbors have recently seen with a gun), but Officers did not make arrests, because they did not have concrete evidence.  

Police officers informed CENW that one of the residents of the drug addict encampment is a "registered sex offender." He has been testified against and the police are keeping a sharp eye on him. 
As soon as we determine if the registered sex offender qualifies under Megan's Law to have his picture shown, we will add a photo to this site. In the meantime, verified members of CENW can request an email of photos of alleged/known dangerous persons in the neighborhood.

*Please note: This information is as up to date as possible, based solely on local community and LAPD information.

You can find more info and photographs of registered sex offenders in the neighborhood here:

As of December 2012

Heads up - a bunch of cars on Coronado East of Sunset and on Elsinore had their tires slashed on Friday, Dec. 14, between the hours of 9pm and 11pm (estimated). There are reports from multiple neighbors on both streets who were victims. 

#1 - PLEASE everyone ALWAYS call this into the North East Police Station at (323) 344-5701


There are reports that tires have been slashed: 

- On Coronado in front of the building across from 1143 N Coronado 

- On the corner of Elsinore at Coronado

- On Elsinore in front of 2527 Elsinore 

All of your aid and information will help LAPD look into this. 


Neighborhood Update

In December, we had another CENW meeting. With an increase in local crime we are seeing an increase in the CENW membership. Thank you to those who joined. With a team effort, we will continue to persevere until our community is safe and vibrant!

A member of the City Council office and two Senior Lead Officers were in attendance. We discussed ongoing concerns related to street lighting, car break ins, drug use and prostitution in the neighborhood. With an emphasis on the Elsinore alley.

If you'd like to be an active member of the CENW, please call the telephone number listed on this site. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

CENW Update

**There are no upcoming meetings scheduled**

Well, June has nearly passed without a meeting sight. Circumstances have lead to difficulty with coordination, so we are expecting to get a meeting together in July. In the meantime, here's some information for our members...

--The team of officers at the Northeast Division are still actively attending to issues in our area. It's summer time, so there seems to be a general increase in crime (see LA Times article below). 
--Please be aware that in the Eastside area there have been burglaries of convenience (window break-ins and burglars posing as delivery persons). I know we all have good common sense, but don't open the door to strange delivery persons. There's no shame in asking for ID, or saying "leave the package on the step." As for windows, locking them is a good idea! 
--On June 4th, there was an attempted robbery (that we do not have specific details about) on Sunset, near Coronado. 
--As I'm sure you all saw, last weekend there was a big run of gang graffiti on an apartment at Coronado Terrace. As we discuss in our meetings, do not confront taggers! On Sunday, a man in Echo park was assaulted by a gang member after confronting the guys tagging his house. Do not confront-- it's dangerous!! Discreetly and safely take pics and call it in!    

We hope you're all doing well and enjoying this lovely weather. We'll keep you posted about the upcoming meeting. Again, thank you for your ongoing vigilance and being good witnesses. Stay safe.

In the meantime, here's some useful information...   

Here is a link to a recent article from the LA Times discussing this week's increase in crime:

Increase in crime in Silver Lake - 7 violent crimes in past week:

Here is some local non-crime news about the immediate area:

Retaining wall to be installed on Sunset Blvd near Coronado Terrace

Here is info from the Northeast Police Division related to July 4th and burglary awareness:

Northeast Senior Lead Officers
With the 4th of July celebration approaching, we would like to remind everyone that all fireworks, including "Safe and Sane" are illegal in the City of Los Angeles. Not only do they pose a fire danger, but they have caused several life-threatening injuries. Additionally, calls for service related to fireworks and shots fired can potentially create a drain on police resources which was experienced during this time period in 2011.
There are four important things to remember:
1. Fireworks are extremely dangerous, and every year numerous children and adults are injured as a result of playing with fireworks.
2. There is a very high degree of fire danger from fireworks, especially during the dry brush season.
3. Fireworks of any kind (including the "Safe and Sane" variety) are illegal within the City of Los Angeles, and law enforcement will enforce appropriate laws.
4. Not only is shooting a gun into the air illegal, the bullet falling can injure or kill someone.
Community members who wish to observe fireworks displays are encouraged to attend one of the may professional shows put on throughout the City. These locations may be obtained by visiting the website at

Silver Lake Community
Burglary Update

Northeast Burglary Detective Supervisor, Steve Henderson asked that community members be reminded to lock and secure their residences when leaving. Also, take a moment or two, to look up and down your street and take note of any suspicious activity. Be alert for people that appear to be prowling and call 911. Recent statistics show that five residential burglaries occurred between May 11th and May 15th between the hours of 0700 and 2130. Four on Silver Lake Bouleverd and one on Landa Street. The pattern has since stopped, perhaps due to several recent arrests, but the community should remain alert.

Important Telephone Numbers | EMERGENCY CALL 911
for additional Crime Prevention information, Log on:
Support the LA Police Foundation:

CENW office number: 213-375-8790